New Plant Release

Prunus salicina a-okayTM

The Dwarf a-okayTM Plum is a small plum tree with big fruit, that is high in anti-oxidants and associated potential health benefits. Burgundy new growth throughout the season makes it an attractive tree. Requires cross pollination from other plum varieties that flower at the same. Good options include Ruby Blood plum, Narrabeen plum, Mariposa plum and Satsuma plum.


Dwarf fruit tree growing 2-2.5m high and wide. Large numbers of big plums are produced. Fruit has dark skin, dark red flesh and a small seed. Harvest is from early to late March. Good plum for warm semi-arid, warm temperate, Mediterranean, cool, and cool temperate growing regions.


Ideal for small areas like patios, balconies and courtyards. Well-suited to growing in tubs and large containers. Eat fruit fresh, use in jams, preserves or cooking.