How It Works is a unique e-commerce website connecting people looking for plants (landscape professionals, nurseries, councils, etc.), to people who grow or supply plants.

People looking for plants select plants from our database, which is compiled using Growers/Suppliers monthly availability lists and includes their pot and/or container sizes.

The PlantSelect database also includes plants from the Growers/Suppliers annual growing lists, to facilitate forward ordering and planning.

Each plant listed on the PlantSelect database includes its attributes, features and characteristics.

When a quote is requested, the selected plants are matched to growers or suppliers of those plants, who are then notified by text message and email inviting them to submit a quote.

PlantSelect is accessible 24/7 from PC, tablet or smartphone, and the automatic matching, quote request and notification system saves time and money for both the landscapers and the growers or suppliers.

Our system is also designed for ease of use, integrity, security, and uninterrupted use during maintenance of the system.

Using PlantSelect for the first time?

Please follow the instructions below or you can download them by using the buttons.

• Click on sign up
• Click on the relevant button
• Select a Plan of your choice
• Complete the registration form
• Follow the online prompts

Download PlantSelect First Time User Instructions

Download PlantSelect Landscaper/Nursery User Manual Download PlantSelect Grower/Supplier User Manual

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