How It Works is a unique e-commerce website connecting people looking for plants for their designs and projects (Landscape Architects, Landscape and Garden Designers, Councils, Interior Plantscapers etc.) to people who grow plants (Growers/Nurseries).

This is done by Growers/Nurseries uploading their complete plant growing lists, including pot and/or bag sizes to the PlantSelect website. A Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer or any of the above-mentioned then selects plants for their design or project/s by uploading their project plant list or selecting plants from our database.

When the Landscaper/Designer requests a quote, their project plant list is matched against Growers and Nurseries growing the listed plants, and they are notified by text message and email inviting them to submit a quote. This saves time and money for both the Landscapers and Growers/Nurseries.

PlantSelect is accessible 24/7 from PC, tablet or smartphone. Our systems are also designed for ease of use, integrity, security, and uninterrupted use during the updating of our master plant list.

Using PlantSelect for the first time?

Please follow these instructions below or you can download them by using the buttons below.

1. Click on sign up
2. Select and click on either Landscaper/Architect/Designer/Council/Interior Plantscaper etc. or Grower/Nursery
• Select a Plan of your choice
• Complete the registration form
• Follow the online prompts

Download PlantSelect User Instructions

Download PlantSelect Landscaper User Manual Download PlantSelect Grower User Manual

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