Growers - NT

Are you looking for a specific type of plant? Something that may not be readily available, or perhaps you need several varieties but aren’t sure where to go? PlantSelect can provide a solution to your problem by connecting you with locally run wholesale nurseries across the Northern Territory.


Utilising innovative technology, you’ll be able to enter the name of the plant you want to find, and our extensive database will match you up with a wholesale nursery that stocks the particular variety. Our streamlined service then lets them know directly what you want, and if they have the quantities and sizes you need, they will contact you with a quote.

Our service benefits both landscapers and nurseries in that it offers them a more effective way to conduct business. Our interactive database of plants features details and attributes for each type, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and identify what you want.

Available to a wide range of professionals working in the garden and landscape sectors, as well as growers, our comprehensive website and system is effortless to navigate and is changing the way business is done in the NT and across Australia.

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