Growers - WA

If you’re a landscaper in Western Australia, then you’ve probably had trouble finding the right type of plant at one point or another. It can be time consuming calling up multiple nurseries and driving around to find stock but with PlantSelect you can say goodbye to all of that.

3 Vines Management Company Pty Ltd T/As True Blue Turf Farm
Ellenby Tree Farm
Heritage Way Pty Ltd Trading as Domus Nursery
Muchea Tree Farm
Natural Area
Wanneroo Plant Farm

Our aim is to reduce the time wasted, and in turn cut costs, for both wholesale nurseries and landscapers through our inventive service. We have a number of Western Australian wholesale nurseries registered with us, who, when requested via our automatic matching system can contact you about a plant you’re after.

All you have to do is search for the specific plant you’re looking for, or browse our huge database of plants. Each plant we have listed, features its characteristics and attributes to help you learn more about them and so that you can choose the right plant for the right place. You then select the plants you want, including the quantities you require, and our system will find wholesale nurseries in WA that stock them and will let them know what you are looking for. Our service simplifies the plant ordering process by letting you get on with your jobs while PlantSelect does the searching for you.

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