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PlantSelect is simplifying the landscaping world with an intuitive and innovative system that streamlines processes for both landscapers and wholesale nurseries. Accessed through our website, we provide a service that is the ideal solution to your modern landscaping needs.

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An easily navigable database that includes the features, characteristics and attributes of thousands of different plants, allows our users to find exactly what they want. If you or the job you’re working on is in Tasmania, then PlantSelect will find which local wholesale nursery or nurseries stock the plants you want. They will be automatically notified of your interest and can contact you to discuss quotes.

Our plant database is also split into categories depending on the type of plant you’re looking for. This makes it easier to search for plants and also provides opportunities for you to learn about other plants or find alternatives that may interest you. So, not only can you find what you are looking for you easily and quickly, but the information contained in the database can be used as an educational tool and to improve your knowledge too.

This system is easy to use and will help reduce time spent looking for plants as well as overall expenditure, proving to be a benefit to both sides.

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