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The South Australian landscaping and nursery industry has seen some positive changes recently with our innovative and breakthrough website. PlantSelect seeks to bring wholesale nurseries and growers of plants together with landscapers and other professionals in the industry, to ensure that the right type of plant is found by those who need it.

Adelaide Plant Growers
Briarwood Farms Nursery Pty Ltd
D & J Akers Pty Ltd trading as Akers of lawn
Future Generation Natives
Green Dymension
Greenstead Nursery
The Turf Farm

With an extensive and itemised database that details each plant’s characteristics and attributes, you’ll be able to not only find the plant you’re looking for but you’ll also discover other plants as well. Nurseries registered with us all stock a generous and wide selection of various types of plants, right down to ground covers, edible plants, bare-rooted trees and roses, herbs and annuals.

Our system seeks to streamline plant acquisition by automatically connecting landscapers and garden designers to growers in SA, and if necessary, from sources further afield throughout Australia. Our mission is to provide simple solutions to the landscaping industry in the hope that nurseries and landscapers can both benefit from reduced costs and more efficient use of their time.

Register now and start using our easy-to-use service to simplify your life.