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PlantSelect gives you access to a national plant supply network enabling you to source the right plants for projects of any size or your requirement lists, and allows you to easily compare quotes to get the best possible price. Simply sign up and search. Too easy!

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PlantSelect matches and connects growers and suppliers to landscape professionals, nurseries, councils and more, easily and online.

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About Us

Why PlantSelect?

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Cloud Convenience

PlantSelect is more than a plant list. PlantSelect is an interactive database, allowing you to search for specific plants or select from a range of options presented when you search using characteristics such as size, form, colour options, etc.
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Best Range

Growers and/or suppliers upload their growing lists to PlantSelect, which are then incorporated into the main database for you to choose from.
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Plant Lists

PlantSelect has amassed the most wide-ranging and comprehensive plant lists in Australia to compile our database.
It includes plants from the tropics to cold climates, from dry desert environments to wetlands, and from groundcovers to advanced trees.
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New Plant Releases

PlantSelect will provide regular updates of new plant releases that come onto the market across the country from Australian growers.
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Best Price

All suppliers linked to the PlantSelect database are keen to provide the quality plants and professional service you seek. You select or specify the plants you require, suppliers will submit a competitive quote for the plants on your list, and you then contact the preferred supplier. Job done.
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Keep Track with Orders

PlantSelect is an efficient and professional way to conduct business, ensuring your professional approach to business remains intact. Neat.
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Future & Forward Orders

PlantSelect enables you to plan and order ahead, even out-of-season, so the plants on your list will be ready and available at the right time. No more running around at the last minute only to find limited, or non-availability of plants. No more compromising on project outcomes. Smart.